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                                                                                  Dr YU Guoxing, Reader in Language Education & Assessment

                                                                                  Director of Centre for Educational Assessment and Evaluation, University of Bristol http://www.bristol.ac.uk/education/people/guoxing-yu/ 


                                                                                  Dr Yu is Reader in Language Education & Assessment, and Director of Centre for Assessment and Evaluation Research at University of Bristol. Until very recently, he was the Director of Doctor of Education (Hong Kong), and Director of Doctor of Education in TESOL/Applied Linguistics at the university.


                                                                                  His main research efforts straddle: language assessment, the role of language in educational assessment, assessment of school effectiveness and learning power. He earned his PhD in 2005 from Bristol; his dissertation was awarded the Jacqueline A. Ross TOEFL Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in Foreign/Second Language Testing by Educational Testing Service, USA (2008).


                                                                                  Guoxing has directed several research projects on IELTS and TOEFL iBT by British Council and Educational Testing Service (USA). His four IELTS reports are available to download from www.ielts.org , and currently he is working on his 5th research report on IELTS. His TOEFL iBT report on Speaking test preparation is also available to download.


                                                                                  He has published in Applied Linguistics , Assessing Writing , Assessment in Education , Educational Research , Language Assessment Quarterly  and Language Testing . He was the guest editor for Language Assessment Quarterly  of a special issue on Integrated Writing Assessment (2013). For Assessment in Education,  he co-edited with Prof. Jin Yan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) a special issue on English Language Assessment in China: Policies, Practices and Impacts (2014). Guoxing and Prof. Jin Yan have also edited a special issue (CEFR and China Standard of English) for Language Testing in Asia . He is currently editing a special issue on Preparing for Admission Tests in English  with Prof. Anthony Green for Assessment in Education ; and a book with Dr Xu Jing (Cambridge Assessment) on Language Test Validation in Digital Age  for Cambridge University Press. He is also the co-editor of the book series Pedagogical Content Knowledge for English Language Teachers  (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing) with Peter Gu (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand).


                                                                                  Guoxing is an executive editor of Assessment in Education , and serves on editorial boards of Language Testing , Language Assessment Quarterly , Assessing Writing , and Language Testing in Asia .  


                                                                                  He has supervised 24 doctoral students to successful completion.