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                                  巴黎第七大学Alain Rouveret教授学术报告

                                  发布日期:2018-10-11 | 阅读次数:

                                  Lectures on Linguistic Minimalism


                                    Alain Rouveret, Emeritus Professor at Université Paris-Diderot.

                                    Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, October 2018

                                    Venue:Room 515, BIT Central Building (日博中心教学楼515)


                                    October 17   14:00-16:00   Lecture 1    What is language  ; Phrase structure and Merge

                                    October 19   14:00-16:00   Lecture 2     Agree ; Defectivity and Intervention

                                    October 22   9:00-11:00     Lecture 3     Phases and Transfer ; Inheritance

                                    October 24   14:00-16:00   Lecture 4     Unsettled matters : Merge, Head movement, Labeling vs. Linearization,  Phasal Locality

                                                                                                             vs. Intervention Locality


                                    Alain ROUVERET.

                                    Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at the University Paris-Diderot. He defended a dissertation (thèse d’Etat) in 1987, entitled Syntaxe des dépendances lexicales: identité et identification dans la théorie syntaxique [the syntax of lexical dependencies: identity and identification in syntactic theory]. His contributions bear upon the syntax and morphology of Romance languages, on the typology of verb-initial languages, on the syntax of causative constructions in French, as well as on resummptivity, on ellipsis and on formal models in linguistics. Professor Rouveret has recently published two books Resumptive Pronouns at the Interfaces  (John Benjamins 2011) and Aspects of Grammatical Architecture  (Routledge 2018) and also published many papers in such top journals as Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Lingua . He is a regular reviewer for NLLT, Lingua, Linguistic Inquiry, Journal of Linguistics.