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                                          发布日期:2018-04-16 | 阅读次数:

                                            讲座题目:Property Concept, Possession, and Adjectives



                                            摘要:This research has two objectives: to explore the syntactic nature of thepossessive property concept construction in Chinese and that of the property denoting adjective in general. I propose that in languages like Chinese the possessive property concept construction involves a locative PP phrase in the spirit of Freeze (1992) and Larson & Cho (2003), which is selected by an event head that lacks a temporal perspective in the sense of Panagiotidis (2015). I further argue that this derivation underlies the property denoting adjective in general. Therefore, the possessive property concept construction and the property denoting adjective instantiate the analytical and synthetic surface forms of the same derivation, which can be taken as an addition to Huang's (2015) seminal work on analyticity parameter.



                                            胡旭辉,剑桥大学理论语言学博士 ,南京大学英语语言文学博士,北京大学外国语言学及应用语言学研究所助理教授、研究员。研究方向为句法理论、比较与历史句法、形态学、语用学。已在国际语言学顶级期刊Natural Language and Linguistic Theory以及《外语教学与研究》、《外国语》等外语类权威期刊发表中英文论文多篇 ,英文专著“Encoding Events: Functional Structure and Variation”将于2018年10月由牛津大学出版社出版。