Pawn Stars

Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Mixed Bag | 1,623 comments

One of my favorite show is Pawn Stars. This airs at Bio Channel every week. The characters include the owner of the pawn shop, his son and their employees. Every day people come to them with an “antique” item to have it appraised and evaluated. Using their knowledge they assess the value of the item. If they like the item they offer to buy it and haggles with the owner until they reach a mutual decision. Sometimes when their offer is too low the owner will refuse to sell but most of the time they agree.

One thing I learned is the pawn shop is interested in all items as long as they have value. If you have air force challenger coins available and you want to sell it they are the place to go. I like watching their show and am happy to learn that they have a new season on. I get to learn about the pawn shop business and also a lot about history.

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