Encourage your Child to Embrace Healthy Food

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Whether you prepare all of your child’s meals or allow him to purchase school lunches and snacks, helping encourage healthy eating at home will better prepare him or her to make the right decisions. Numerous studies show that lifetime eating habits are formed at an early age. You can encourage your child to eat healthier by providing a wide variety of options and helping teach appreciation for wholesome, delicious food.

Lead by Example

Your child is unlikely to take you seriously when you try to get them to eat healthy if you are constantly snacking on junk food yourself. Although there’s no need to do away with all treats, try to incorporate healthy snacks into your own diet as well. Find dishes that you can all enjoy, whether it’s pita chips and hummus or fresh fruit salads. If you have room for a garden at home, you can encourage your children to help you. They’ll love seeing how vegetables grow and tasting the results!

Appeal to All Senses

Humans use their sense of vision to decide whether a food is going to be worthwhile, before smell and taste even factor into the equation. Manufacturers of kid-friendly processed food know this, which is why they make sure food is brightly coloured and cut into fun shapes. You can use this basic principle to help make healthy foods more appealing to your kids when preparing school lunches marked with name labels UK. If you cut fruit into shapes, arrange plates into patterns or faces, and play with colours, you’ll make meals an experience to look forward to. Broccoli is going to be a lot more interesting to a child if it’s a miniature tree rather than a plain old vegetable. Encourage kids to play with their food and create their own faces or animals.

You can utilise the sense of smell by holding blind smell tests, to get kids acquainted with the different odours that food can have. They’ll be less repulsed by stinky blue cheese when they have correctly identified it, helping take the mystery out of odd food smells.

Cook Meals Together

There’s no better way to teach an appreciation for food than to get your children involved in the kitchen. Kids love to help out, whether it’s baking a batch of healthy muffins or preparing simple pasta for dinner. Don’t be afraid to let them make a little mess at first, as with practice they’ll get better. Read cookbooks together and let them help with the healthy meal plans. When you put some of the decision making power into their own hands, even picky eaters will be excited about dinner. Allow children to prepare their own lunches as well, using fun containers and kids labels to customise them. An added bonus is that cooking involves science, math, and even history, making it a hands-on way to learn about the world.

Cooking meals, growing vegetables, and creating food art are just a few ways to drum up enthusiasm for fresh, healthy eating. You can get creative in the kitchen to help your children gain a lifelong appreciation for nutrition.

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