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Yellow Cab has been our pizza of choice these past few weeks.  In the Philippines there are already numerous branches to satisfy our cravings every time.  Our favorite branch so far is the one at St. Francis Square.  The reason I like it the most is because Jollibee is right next door!  So while S orders our food from Yellow Cab, I’m usually at Jollibee ordering Z’s food.  Although we love Yellow Cab, our little one still prefers the jolly bee. :)

The Yellow Cab menu is different.  On their wall there’s this humongous menu!  It can be disorienting at first but on second thought, it’s friendly for near-sighted people like me.  I usually can never read the usual menus on the other fast food chain but at least I can read this one.


The Yellow Cab Pizza is on the expensive side aside from the fact that their pizza and pasta are on the oily side too but until I’m craving for one I have to give in.  I just have to arm myself with great acne cleansers to control any future acne breakouts.

We usually try the famous New York’s Finest which is my favorite but hubby, being the meatlover that he is, prefers the Manhattan Meatlovers.  Their 10″ pizza is usually good for the two of us but if we want some leftovers try to take home then order the 14″ pizza.

We heard their Dear Darla pizza tastes really good but we still couldn’t try it for some reason.  For now, the classic pizza flavors just fit our taste.

Of course, your Yellow Cab experience is not enough unless you try their Extras.


I have only tried the Chicken Alfredo Pasta.  It takes a while to get used to. We had to order it twice before hubby said he likes it.  I’m also wondering about the famous Charlie Chan.  I heard it was one of their bestsellers but I have yet to try it.

Yellow Cab now has several branches all over the Philippines.  Here are their branches in Metro Manila:


If you want your Yellow Cab pizza to be delivered to your doorstep just dial the number to their nearest branch or  the Yellow Cab delivery number, 789-9999.


  1. We love the Eastwood branch.. daanan kasi and easy masundo hehe..:) Yellow cab is tops in our family too. One taste and we haven’t been back to the other brands. :)

  2. kelan po kaia magkakaroon ng yellow cab sa lucena?dami kase may gusto ng pizza ng yellow cab sa lucena city eh

  3. Di namin macontact number nyo. gutom na kame! manlilibre pa naman yung mabait naming trainer. naiinis na sya dahil di kayo macontact. advise ko lang kumuha kayo ng sarili nyong call center para di busy yung mga branches nyo.

  4. we’re going to be treated by our trainer ecks for passing the 2nd weekly quiz. haha. thx for the numbers here. GB

  5. are these the updated price list? thanks for the info. they’re very helpful..

    To gninacam: if you look closely dear there is an existing number you can call for delivery its 7899999. so i advice you to read the infos above carefully

  6. what’s the difference between the cheese 10″ pizza that’s 250 and the on that’s 355?

  7. Hi,

    We ordered yellow cab today, time was 6:10 and i was told it would take max 40mins…its already 7:07…will they give it for free??? this is not fair. im pregnant and im already hungry i need to eat asap!


  8. do you have any store near Bacoor Cavite?

  9. do you plan to have yellow cab in Calamba City, Laguna?

  10. I am one unsatisfied customer giving a feedback. I just happened to call a few hours ago to placed an order which I have done numerous times. I am satisfied with the food but not with the service I’m getting. This will the third time that i had some problem with how I get a not so good service from yellowcab.

    If my memory serves me right, I called in before and ordered a tortilla chips which i’m aware includes a dipping sauce because the operator asked me what dipping sauce should I prefer, I also did ordered a hot wings, and a potato wedges. It turned out that that the dipping sauce was not there and not even a ketchup or a hot sauce was provided when it was delivered. So I let it pass.

    The second time I ordered, it was a calzone a hot wings and a potato wedges. i was waiting because i was famish. Then after 20 minutes I received a call from a branch manager in tierra nueva subd in alabang, informing me that hot wings ain’t available and the potato wedges as well. I mean, hey took them 20 minutes to figure out they dont have it available?! So i ended up cancelling the order which I requested specifically through the operator. Again,I let it pass.

    Now, just approximately a few minutes ago I placed an order, again for a potato wedges and a hot wings. Your operator told me that it will be 30-40 mins. The delivery was 15 minutes late and viola! No dipping sauce for the wedges, no tissue paper, no ketchup nor hotsauce. I do expect a good service from them knowing I like the food so much. I don’t know why I keep on having the same problem in that same branch where the delivery is originating from.

    Now I’m thinking never to order again.

  11. ang cheap naman ng yellow cab e, lahat paper, cartons and plastics. ang prices are fantastic pero ang utensils sobrang cheap. (paper cups, plastic forks and knives, cartons for the pizza maski na dine-in) compared naman with pizza hut and shakeys, yellow cab makes me feel like i’m dining bangketa! hope you can address this kasi sayang talaga, nakakaturn-off.

  12. last feb05, we dine at yellow cab-manila international airport.. i paid using my hsbc credit card, they swiped itm but the manager said the line was not working.. so we paid in cash..
    just now, i checked on my credit account, unfortunately the item was published on my account statement..
    so this means, we had one full dinner paying it twice..
    can you help me with this??? Php850 is no small amount for anyone..
    i hope your company can do something about this matter..
    this is so disappointing..

  13. I love yellow cab pizza but I don’t know the number near my office. Magpapablow-out pa sana ang magriresign na naming officemate.

  14. people! this is someone’s blog and not yellow cab’s website/feedback site/complaint posting area. geez!

  15. I can not contact the Cainta branch. your telephone service is not accessible!

  16. This is so funny. The conversations I mean. :))

  17. yellowcab is our favorite foodtrip place , ,my officemate always treat us there , ,hmmm so big and yummy 18″ pizza . .love it much . .

  18. Mina, that 250 cheese is purely cheese. The other one is #4 cheese which has four types of cheeses.
    I love yellowcab more than ever. Although it’s oily and kinda expensive, it’s worth paying for. Kakabusog siya unlike greenwhich or any other pizzas, nakakailang slice na ako di pa rin ako makuhang mabusog. I also love their hot wings and tortilla chips.

  19. Hi, I’d like to surprise my fiancee who is in Colorado Springs, USA. She’s been craving for a NEW YORK’s finest ever since she arrived in the US but couldn’t find any brancvh within the state. Is there a chance where I can send her a pizza? Is this possible even if I’m in the Philippines? How do I send payment and where do I transact it?


  20. I hope to get a response on on the query I wrote prior to this. Been wanting to surprise my fiancee with a NY Finest. Please Please lemme know the details on how I can send her this? Send in you answer to my email add,

  21. i hope there will be a branch in trinoma..

  22. sana magkaroon kayo ng online delivery…

  23. To:Zelba,

    Huwag ka na makulit sanay ka naman sa Bangketa. Syempre kung san ka mkakatipid biznez eh!Napunta ka lang CC naging sosyal ka na.Masama yan.CC hindi Credit Card ah! Oh ayan i search mo na.Patulong ka kay gninacam. O kaya mag alligator pizza ka na lang,huwag ka ma turn off taste like chicken..

    To:bertrand padilla,

    Try other branch.First impression last.


    Ano ka ba meron website ang Yellow Cab,hindi ka naman dumb A. Anyway! Tama jaded_jazz Blog ito ng ibang tao, hindi website ng YC..hehe..

    To: sel castro

    Bakit buntis ka naman? Malamang less than 40 minutes yan. Actually 45 mins. Just a heads up..hehhehe.. CC na CC..

    To: Iris Rachel Pabilonia

    Raise natin yang concern mo. Akin na Credit Card No.;-)


    Abangan nyo na area nyo. Pagkakuha ko ng jackpot ko sa lotto.


    Shakeys P. Hut

  24. gustong gusto ko kumain ng yellow cab kya lng d kaya ng napalimusan ko…huhuhu kelan kaya ako makakatikim nian?. maawa naman kyo…


  26. sana magkaroon na ng yellow cab d2 sa imus .. its our favorite bfast lunch and dinner .. adik na eh …hahah

  27. Help! We have an adcampaign about Yellow Cab and I’m searching for any articles or infos about it. I’ve already seen their official website but it didn’t actually help me. Thanks.

  28. I had avery bad experience with Yellow Cab Visayas Ave. on Thursday, June 24 for a delivery service. They delivered a spaghetti meatballs na sunog ang meatbals at super dry ang spicy chicken wings.

  29. @Diane: There is a branch at Imus already in Palico. You can call them at (046) 875-2222.

  30. @Monica: There is a branch at Trinoma Mall. It is at the Foodcourt (3rd Floor).

  31. kelan ang opening calamba branch niyo

  32. diane number ok lng bah??

  33. i just love healthy dear darla

  34. Comment

  35. me and my family always love ur pizzas,, expensive but worth the taste.. Thumbs up also on Charlie Chan chicken pasta truly delectable..

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