Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla Pizza

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For the first time, I saw the Dear Darla pizza from Yellow Cab last Sunday. I wanted to order it but when hubby learned it has vegetables he backed down. He hates to eat vegetables that’s why. I also had second thoughts because eating it seemed complicated. After all, how often do you see a pizza rolled up with leaves in it? So while I was looking for a cheap adipex solution for my growing waist I also did some research on how to eat the Dear Darla pizza.

Dear Darla is a thin sliced pizza with alfalfa sprouts and arugula leaves. It’s name came from the name of the characters in the movie Little Rascals – Darla and Alfalfa.

Here is how you should eat your Dear Darla pizza:

1.  Take a slice of pizza. Note that the pizza are pre-sliced in a rectangular strips and now the triangle shape that we’re used to.

2.  Place a layer of arugula leaves and add alfalfa sprouts.

3. Drizzle with chili oil. (Optional)

4. Roll the pizza like lumpia.

So now you know how to eat a Dear Darla pizza you won’t be intimidated the next time you go to Yellow Cab for a good meal.


  1. ayan, ginutom na tuloy ako. kahapon pa ako naga-crave ng pizza kaya lang nakakataba kasi. anlaki na ng waistline ko. halos pantay na sa balakang ko.waaa!!!!

  2. Mukhang complicated nga kainin :D Pero I might try it when I have a chance to visit Yellow Cab. Love to eat veggies.

  3. Hi friend, have a nice saturday :)

  4. Wow, congratulations on the new look Mommy Paula :)

    My hubby doesn’t fancy eating veggies too so we don’t get that flavor. But I’ve seen some order that..Kakaiba right?

  5. O ye! Looks yummy…I think I’d love to have some…visiting you from BC Bloggers!

  6. magkano po yan? pag family size?

  7. They got the idea from a famous Italian Restaurant in Clarkfield’s originally called “Panizza” from “C Italian Restaurant”..Showbiz personalities eat Mariel Rodriguez, Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio..tsk tsk..can’t believe they actually make people believe it was their own recipe

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