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Agua Bendita just started showing at ABS-CBN this week. Z and I are already hooked. We really can’t get enough of Agua Bendita. We’re so “bitin” every time 30-minute timeslot is up and to think we were so saddened by the ending of the long running teleserye, May Bukas Pa. Now, we don’t mind at all.

If you missed the opening of Agua Bendita here’s the plot to get you instantly updated.

The story begins with the strange pregnancy of Celeste, the wife of Dr. Cristi, a well-respected doctor. While pregnant, Celeste develops a strange liking for holy water. Such is her thirst that Dr. Cristi ends up stealing holy water from church fonts. A shock awaits the couple once Celeste gives birth: while one of their new twin daughters is a normal, beautiful child, their other daughter is a transparent being with a gel-like appearance. The only time she looks normal is when she is submerged in water. Dr. Cristi names the normal daughter Bendita, and the other Agua.

Right now, Agua Bendita still features the younger version which is played by Xyriel Anne Manabat who plays both Agua and Bendita. I’m sure Z would be crushed to know that soon Xyriel will be replaced by Andi Eigenmann. Anyway, I was curious who the young Agua Bendita was.  I found her Friendster account and her profile,


Xyriel Anne Manabat


Andi Eigenmann, the daughter of Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil, will play the lead role of Agua Bendita. This will be her first lead role and I’m sure this will be a real challenge for her because she will play both Agua and Bendita. I haven’t seen her act yet but judging from her parents I’m sure she must have gotten some valuable points on acting just by watching her mom and dad. Anyway, so many people were commenting how she looks so much like Angel Locsin and see for yourself how similar they look.


Andi Eigenmann


Playing both Agua’s love interests would be Matteo Guidicelli and Jason Abalos. Mateo will play the blind Ronnie while Jason will play the poor boy, Paco.


Matteo Guidicelli, Andi Eigenmann, and Jason Abalos

Here is the list of the main characters:

Main Cast

* Andi Eigenmann as Agua Cristi/Bendita Cristi
* Matteo Guidicelli as Ronnie
* Jason Abalos as Paco Barrameda

Extended Cast

* Vina Morales as Mercedes Montenegro-Cristi
* John Estrada as Dr. Marcial Cristi
* Alessandra de Rossi as Elena
* Dimples Romana as Criselda Barrameda
* Pilar Pilapil as Donya Amalia Montenegro
* Carlos Agassi as Baldo Barrameda
* Jason Gainza
* Malou Crisologo as Tonyang
* Malou De Guzman
* Bing Loyzaga
* Kris Martinez

Guest Cast

* Pen Medina as Padre Guido
* Xyriel Anne Manabay as Young Agua/Bendita

Obviously, the villains here would be the Bendita and Donya Amalia, the grandma. I also heard that their mother, Celeste, played by Vina Bonnevie would die eventually and by some twist of fate Agua and Bendita’s roles would be reversed in the end. Pretty exciting, huh? So stay tuned and watch the newest teleserye that would surely hook you, Agua Bendita.


  1. my kids and i are fan of agua. andi is now grown-up and perfect for the role..

    btw, grabbed your button here..

  2. looks like an interesting teleserye sis! thanks for sharing! i never know abs has a new one.

  3. hi! i was sad when “may bukas pa ended,” but when i watched “agua bendita,” , i’ve found out it has a nice story too, now i’m hooked at this new teleserye.

  4. Sana di nalang lumaki sina agua at bendita kasi fit na fit yung role ni Xyriel Anne Manabay bilang young agua/bendita.

  5. i actually thought that it was angel locsin. they do have a very close similarity. thanks for updating me on the new tv series there. it helps relieve my homesickness a bit. hugs!

  6. I always want to go home from work on Agua Bendita time slot. I love the child character Xyriel Anne. Most of us,at home and my friends were wishing “SANA DI NA LANG LUMAKI SINA AGUA BENDITA”.Stay na lang sa child character until end.

    Nasanay na kami sa child character like Santino.

    best of luck sa teleseryeng ito.

  7. I was very sad that Santino story has to end. The new Agua Bendita story is not good for children. I am warning other parents not to allow their children to watch this new series. I personally think that those characters portrayed by Bendita and Lola (Pilar Pilapil) are out of this world of normal beings. They are portraying monstrous, demonic behaviour which are are not existing in the world of normal beings. If your children are pond of watching this ceries, please guide them and explain every details to your children. There could be a negative psychological effect to your children. Meanwhile, even the attitude of Agua who portrays a GODLY image is also unimaginable – out of this world also (not real). This is the reason why our tele-serye never improves. Gagawa tayo ng super-bait na bida na super-tanga na ang dating. The only reason why these Bidas will triumph at the end is not because they are smart but because of luck and God’s help. This is one lesson that our directors and producers must change. Can you please give us a hero that thinks and triumph in their own will. Kasi masama na ang dating sa mga kabataan niyan. Wala na tuloy nag-susumikap dahil puro awa lang ng diyos ang inaasahan ng lahat – epekto nga nga ng mga tulad nitong tele-serye. Ang masama ganito ang gusto ng mga Pilipino, Korni sa atin ang smart and magaling na bida. Iisa ang tema ng storya. Maghihintay ng awa ng diyos ang bida para mag-tagumpay sa huli, pero kailangan dumaan muna sa malupit at sadistic na pagsubok si Bida. Ang masama nagiging TANGA na tuloy si Bida. Minsan nga mas maiintidihan ko pa at mas may justice pa kung mawala na si Bida dahil tanga naman e. Sana huwag tularan ng mga kabataan ang ganitong sitwasyon. Matututo sanang magsumikap at huwag basta umasa sa awa ng Diyos lagi. Remember: ayaw ng Diyos ang palaging umaasa ng awa. Gusto Nya na matuto tayong gumawa paraan para sa sarili.

    I’m so sorry to all viewers na nag-eenjoy ng tele-serye na ito. Me even if my kids love it. Ayaw ko silang manood nito ng walang supervision. Pero nahihirapan na rin akong mag-paliwanag sa kanila ng nangyayari.

    To the Agua-Bendita management and to the Board of Censors, paki-review muna ang story nito at lagyan ng Parental Guidance rating every end ng commercial para ma-remind ang viewers. Masama talaga ang epekto sa bata!! I believe there are NO characters of Agua, Bendita and Lola that exist in this world. And please do not arouse the sadistic characters of the young viewers. masama ang epekto nito pag-laki nila. Di ba kayo nakokonsenya sa mga nagiging sadista na gumagala sa atin. Di nyo ba naiisip na kayong nasa media din ang puno’t dulo nito. Sana hwag nating isipin ang puro “kita” lang. Di lang pera ang mahalaga sa mundo di ba?

  8. I love the young kid that plays Agua Bendita.. sana nga di na sya lumaki.. ang ganda ng cast.. Xyriel Ann is so convincing.. so talented.. grabe reminds me of my daughter.. kaya siguro iyak na iyak ako pag inaapi sya.. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  9. my little girl 4 year old really enjoy watching agua bendita… agua plays nice little girl, and bendita very good being little brat girl.. bad thing is my daughter adopts bendita’s bad side, one time i visit her at her school and she’s talking like bendita even she dont understand the meaning of the word freak and fake and the way bendita look at agua “tiger look” shes screaming like bendita when shes angry..we try to talk to her and explain but she really idolize bendita. its so distubing for me so we have to take her off the tv when its agua bendita.

  10. i just want to comment on the lil agua bendita…super super super love ko siya! especially when bendita calls agua FREAK! grabe! lahat kami sa bahay pati friends ko love sya!sana habaan pa un time na bata si agua bendita.weeee!

  11. super ganda talaga ng agua bendita,pero sana lumaki na naman sina agua at bendita kasi i’m waiting for the first acting of the good-looking andi.

  12. I love the young Agua Bendita (Xyriel) i do think that she’s believeable when she’s doing the character; I hope after her stint as young AB she’ll get her own project starring her as the main character. Hopefully Andi will exceed the character’s reputation played by Xyriel, a lot of people will be very disappointed if the older character steps in and didn’t do justice to it.

    I wish all the best of luck to Xyriel. She’s young and people follows her show already, i hope that this will be a step towards a good acting carreer for her (just like Judy Ann Santos from Ulah). Cross your fingers!

  13. This is in reply to Mich…

    Agua Bendita is a fictional character (based on Komiks series – released as fictional characters like Superman/Batman/Wonderwoman/ even Darna!). Of course there will be no real Agua, Bendita and Lola characters in real life!

    If you think that the series has bad storyline maybe you shouldn’t watch the show. According to your post “They are portraying monstrous, demonic behaviour which are are not existing in the world of normal beings.” Hmmm what do you say about the other tv series out there that promotes violence/drugs/sex…The show is based on FICTION…kathang isip ng mga may malalawak na imagination from the authors.

  14. I cannot wait to see Andi Eigenmenn. She is more gorgeous than Angel Locsin. I am sure she will be the next star of Philippine tele-serye.

  15. Agua Bendita is the bomb ! That little girl sure can make you cry ! I also like the talking fish who I found out is Santino it sure sounds like him ! The story is excellent and you don’t know what’s going to happen next which is why it’s such a good series. I hope the grown up agua bendita will even be better! Can’t wait !

  16. i love agua bendita..
    gusto kong magkasundo na c agua at bendita para nmn mging masaya ng pamilya nila at di na mkikialam c wowa…
    tsaka yang c creselda..grrr sana mamatay na sa sakit nya..hahaha

  17. ang agua ay sobrang maganda ang story but sna naman magkabalikan na sin marcial at mercedes

  18. nakaka ginsing ng puso ang dramang eto.

  19. this drama it can give a good character to some people who wacth this drama cause it can teach a right conduct to all of us.

  20. ang ganda nyo nmn at ang gwapo ni ronnie

  21. ang ganda nama nyan palong palo

  22. hi gnda ng palabas nyo

  23. …napakabagal ang takbo ng storya..laging may hinahanap di namam makita kita..I’ve been following the serye the whole week..lagi nalang may hinahanap…moah seems to act badly ,very sadist ang dating…Cresilda and Baldo..walang ginawa kundi kumita ng Paco,napakabait…alam naman niya ang ugali ng parents niya…takas ng takas sila Agua,nahuli nman itong manliligaw…pilit ng pilit ibigin..alam naman na mi asawa…hay..naku..makatulog na nga…

  24. ng agua bendita.sana kazali kmi ni angel s teleserye khit xtra lng o kya kontrabida pti din c sheila at cna mabel at kris kc kaaway nmin c bendita…………agua agua iiiiiiii lllllllllll ooooooooo vvvvvvvvv eeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ang gnda tlaga ng agua dhil ky agua n22 aq mgmhal naksss nmannnnnn!!!!!!!!!kmi dn sna mging agua.c bendita ay c amabelle at c agua ay c kris jejejeje!!!!!!!!!

  26. This teleserye is good pero parang ang daming pangit na twist ng istorya. Pinapaikot lang ba? And one more thing, hindi ko gusto ang character ni vina dahil sobra syang ginagawang tanga. Ang daming chance ng mga characters na mag reveal pero hindi ginagawa. At first, i like it but right now? I’m not liking the story. Sorry.

  27. I like Aqua Bendita but there are days that I just want to stop watching as I find the story so unreal. Bendita could have called her parents in the pier and be saved. It keeps going on and on. When do you think this series will end. I am trapped and would like to stop but can not.
    Pilar Pilapil gave away 2M to Kriselda and Baldo. How stupid! She stole and yet gave the money away. I think, we viewers are smarter than that. The writers should at least know that the viewers are not stupid. One time while Aqua and Bendita are swimming, they wore the same clothes, then when she got caught by the police on the same time, she was wearing a different outfit already. I am a viewer that noticed everything so please be consistent. Frankly, I want this series to end very soon as I am trapped with the silliness and stupidity of your writers.

  28. sana mag wakas n ung pag hihirap ni agua? un lng. and more power!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. It’s almost the end of Agua Bendita already. Bendita almost died in the end. I was like OMG! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The show ends on September 3 2010


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