Happy Moment

Posted by on Dec 29, 2009 in Events and Holidays | 1,623 comments

Would you like to know how happy Z was during his Lola’s party? Lookee!

Z with his cousins

This is a snapshot taken during his grandma’s 88th birthday party. They were playing the game, Who Can Say the Longest Happy Birthday?  Do you think Z won? Of course, he lost! LOL! He did try his best, it was just he had to breathe quickly at one point, right? We were laughing so hard at how cute the kids were. S and I almost forgot we were talking about an insurance quote earlier. This photo inspired me to book a party for Z’s birthday next month so we can have another get together as happy as this one. Oh, I can’t wait!

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  1. I fixed your link, dun kasi ako dumadalaw sa following, kaya di ko napapansin. I thought I just copied and pasted your link, maybe I missed a w.

    When I see some fun like this, I miss my country, especially my family and relatives sa Pinas, kasi we always sing, and have fun din. Di gaya ditos a US, boring..lalo kapag party, kakain lang tapos mag uuwian na..Hay…

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