Family Time at Quezon Memorial Circle

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I always passed by the Quezon Memorial Circle when I was still studying at UP Diliman. I was curious what’s inside but never did it occur to me to see it  for myself. Of course, I was a teenager then and I still have my social life. LOL! Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom with no social life a trip to Quezon Memorial Circle is a reason to be excited. Okay, I’ll tell you the truth – I was really giddy with excitement!

And boy, was I right to be excited. We had a GREAT time there! We even enjoyed it more than our trip to Enchanted Kingdom last week and the irony of it all was we didn’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it.

Here’s the breakdown of our expenses:

Entrance -  P 15.00

Snacks      -  P 50.00

Bike rental – P 100.00 for one hour

When we went there we didn’t know what to expect so imagine how surprised the three of us were when we were able to go inside.

There were slides, slides, and lots of slides! Z thought he was in slide wonderland. I’m not talking about the slides that you see in the playground – the metallic, rusty ones – but plastic one like those  found in the malls but it gets even better here because there were about ten different kind of slides all in one area. Z didn’t know what to pick so good thing he had the time to try it all.







We arrived at 4PM. Z played around until sunset at about 6 PM while Mommy and Daddy were just too happy that their only child got to play with so many children.

If you think our adventure stopped after Mr. Sun said goodbye then you’re wrong. At Quezon Memorial Circle there are so many things to do even at night. For our trip,  it was the perfect time to ride the bicycle. After Z had his exercise now it was his Daddy’s turn to stretch his atrophied muscles! So off we went to rent a sidecar. I know I told you it was cheap there but we still thought P100 was too much to pay for an hour of bike riding so I challenged S to make sure our money was not wasted. Which simply means he had to pedal the bike non-stop for 60 minutes. For the first time in years, S had sweat running down his face, his back, even his armpits. We were laughing all the way. He was complaining ever so loudly how hard it was and how heavy I was but he stuck with it. We went around the circle three times and then the fourth time he had to let me down the sidecar. He said he can’t do it anymore with me on it! I wanted to tease him more by staying put but I conceded it was time to step down. I was afraid he would collapse due to exhaustion. Oh, we had such fun time there. I never thought a simple bike ride would be so much fun. The cool December breeze and the romantic lights from the lamps made it even more special, even Z enjoyed it tremendously. He didn’t want to leave the sidecar when the 60 minutes was up. Yes, my husband pedaled the bike for 60 minutes. He did confess though that at one point that he couldn’t pedal anymore so he went down and had to push it. LOL!




What could be the perfect thing to do after such a tiring ride? Of course, it was time to eat! Good thing they have restaurants inside the Quezon Memorial Circle, too. They have Max’s, Tropical Hut, Chicken Inasal just to name a few.

After eating, we wanted to explore the park more but Z was already tired. We were looking forward to go here:


Circle of fun is a carnival. We were shocked to find that some of the rides we saw at Enchanted Kingdom we also saw here like the Anchor’s Away and the big balloon on top of a pond where you can go inside and make a fool of yourself. Sorry, I don’t know what they call it. There were also bump cars, octopus, a race track for toy cars, and so many others.  Too bad we weren’t able to go inside. We already had so much fun and we didn’t want to push our luck. haha

There are still so much to see at the Quezon City Memorial Circle. I can’t wait to go there a second time. How about you? Would you like to come? hehe


  1. Ang galing! I too didn’t know they have like that in QC Circle. That’s cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This reminds me of Korea, is it far from Manila? We never see those during our stay there.

    My first PBW entry

  3. kakainggit naman! gusto ko rin yung bike. hmmm…makapunta nga sa Magsaysay Park at mag-rent ng sidecar.hahaha.

    Zorb yung big balloon sis. may nakita kami nung isang gabi dun sa pinuntahan namin kaya lang parang d ko kaya pumasok sa loob. may claustrophobia pa naman ako. pati mga friends ko d rin daw kaya kaya pinanood nalang namin mga kids. :-)

  4. ganda pala ng playgrounds doon. i’m sure the kids will love to go there. your boy surely had fun!

    Hawaiian Christmas Party

  5. Your son had a great time playing.

    Maganda na nga ung playground sa QCMC:) Pero sana may nagbabantay pa rin sa mga paggamit. Since the facility is open to public, there is a big chance to abuse it. Worst there are some who intentionally destroy it. Just like the nearby playground in our area, wala pang ilang buwan, sira na. Hindi man lang pinahalagaan ng mga gumagamit :( Sayang…

  6. Hello, fellow UP Diliman alumna. :) I had no idea the QC Circle has been keeping up with the times, lol. The playground looks great. I’ll be sure to drop by and check the place out soon. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Ang alam ko lang sa QC circle dati, pwede lang mag jogging.
    Hey, UPD ka din pala? What college? I’m from Econ. :)

  8. I always pass by the QC circle on my work everyday.. my officemates and I were planning to visit the place soon… hopefully, before the holiday season is over, we can do that hehehe…

    happy holidays to you and your family!

    i hope u can vist my blogs too…
    see u!

  9. hi its me eds!just wanna talk about yesterday moment with me and my kids at circle of fun wow it is a great improvement by the way…i was having fun with my family…

  10. waw nice!!!! actually im planning to go tom!!!!

  11. ask lang po kung open ung circle of fun everyday? kasi may nakapag sabi na every weekends lang open.. gusto ko lang iconfirm.. kasi plan sana namin magpunta ng friday pero hindi sulit pag sarado naman ung circle of fun.

  12. I just wanted to know if it’s open anyday..cos the last i’ve been there it was summer but were planning to visit again..

  13. Awesome blog…I love QMC…

  14. is it open everyday?bcoz i wannna go there?

  15. hi! open po ba kau bukas?!! pls reply..

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