Swimming at Rainforest Park in Pasig

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For a long time I wanted to enroll Z in a swimming school.  I wanted him to be active and sporty and not like his bookworm mom and computer geek dad.  Why swimming in particular?  I have no idea but it has been on my mind as long as I can remember.  The problem was our family rarely go swimming so naturally Z is not familiar with the swimming pool.  Now that he’s four and I can actually enrol him in a swimming program, I couldn’t because Z’s afraid in the pool.  Oh, he likes it alright but he has to cling to daddy.  That’s what’s on my mind for a couple of months now.  I knew I had to familiarize Z being in the water but I had no idea where.  We wanted to go the Club Manila East after seeing it on television but I was worried Z wouldn’t enjoy it.  I knew the solution would be constant visits to the pool but we don’t have one and I’m not aware of anything that’s nearby and affordable.  Suddenly in a stroke of inspiration I remembered reading about Rainforest Park in Pasig having a swimming pool and a low fee to boot.  We have actually passed by Rainforest once but I didn’t have a clue how close it was to our area. I have googled it twice and it looks pretty close but I was doubtful.   But I was desperate so last Monday, having finished my transcript early, we decided to give it a go. Z wasn’t at all excited as I inform him where we were going.  Baby was really helpful having been able to whip up something for our baon in such short notice. We also invited our neighbor and Z’s playmate, Jave and his mom. The only problem was I was given a new file to be transcribed at the last minute. I had the split second dilemma of refusing the file but decided to I can bring it with me in Rainforest anyway and just transcribe between breaks.  I know I’m crazy!  LOL  So we went there by taxi all five of us – three adults and two children.  The taxi ride was the shortest taxi ride I ever had with only a staggering P50 taxi bill! haha.  I didn’t know it was that close!  So we went in excitedly and got the other surprise that the entrance would only be P60.00 for each of us since we have Pasig IDs.  For all five people we got in for a measly P300.00.  Anyway the bottom line was it was really affordable.  When we go saw one Olympic size swimming pool, one huge swimming pool, and one kiddie pool and LOTS of people.  It seems every Pasigueno in the area had the same brilliant idea that I had.  We had a great time anyway despite the initial problems because of the crowd, all the cabanas were taken but we were able to rent a table under a huge tree near a store so we were cool and comfy while the people in the cabanas were melting because of the heat. Z was the longest one in the water, both he and his friend stayed in the pool steps and would sometimes dip in the water. Z would sometimes go to the middle of the pool still clinging to daddy but it’s still a progress because he’s not crying anymore.  As for me I was able to transcribe and swim alternately so it was indeed working at home away from home for me.

At about 3:30 we decided to go home – we were there for almost 5 hours.  We were told the Olympic size swimming pool will close at 4:00 and the huge one at 5:00 so we made an early go to avoid the crowd.  We found out that Rainforest was just two tricycles away from our place.  Because it’s so close and so affordable we are going back next week after Holy Week and I hope there’ll be less people.  I want this to be a weekly thing.  S and I both agreed this is way better than going to the mall and will be a good exercise, not to mention bonding for the whole family. Because it’s so cheap we can even afford to bring our neighbors  so Z will have someone to play with.  It maybe not as fancy as the high end resorts but it’s more than okay as a regular swimming destination.

Z, Jave, Jave’s Mom, and Baby

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Olympic-sized pool at Rainforest Park
Olympic-sized pool at Rainforest Park
On Rainforest Park grounds just before we went home.
On Rainforest Park grounds just before we went home.

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  1. I have an award for you here: http://www.lourdesmia.com/blogger-friendship-award/ Hope you can grab it. Thanks!

    Looked your already enjoyed your Summer!

  2. wow! ganun lang pala kalapit sa inyo sis?hehehe. ayos din ah, work at home away from home. multi-tasker ka na talaga. :-) we also went to the beach last Friday pero haven’t posted about it yet.

    Musta nga pala ang Holy Week nyo? Hope u had a great time.

  3. ano ba ung telephone nos.# at ung exact add.or location ng rainforest resort! balak kasi namin magswimming magbabarka.

    tnx and regards!

  4. do you have a function rooms where can i celebrate my daugthet’s 1st birthday?if posible garden look sana…or private pool

  5. hmmp magkanu poh pag walang id nang pasig?

  6. mag kano po ba ung adult?pati ung cottage?i mean mga teen agers? mg kano? po?

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